Envisioning Us Well in 2021


Posted By: Carol M. Pate, Ed.D.

Envisioning Us Well in 2021

Envisioning You Well in 2021


While many of us are quite glad to see 2020 out the back door, we’re hoping that what’s at the front door will be much more promising.   

Yes, for a time we still need to wear masks and continually monitor who is in our space until the vaccines have been widely distributed.   

Yes, for a time we will still need to be careful about where we eat, who we eat with, where we visit and who or if we will visit.  

Yes,  we’ve seen some horrific consequences of the virus on different segments of our population.

Yes, we’ve seen what our eyes had closed off with respect to how some of us matter more than others.

Yes, we’ve seen the economy wreak havoc on lives already at the margins where tens of thousands now are depending on local food banks to totally feed or supplement their meals just to survive.


Yet, in this space, the light is much closer than it was in March.


Yes, we’ve seen some of the best humanity has to offer when it comes to saving lives, feeding families, helping to increase ICU capacities in hospitals, and people helping out in various ways at the neighbor and community levels.

Yes, we have two new (and more on the way) very promising vaccines that have been given emergency use to distribute in every state, according to their rollout plans. It’s hoped that by the summer/fall, all if not most of us will have had the vaccine.

Yes, we now have remdesivir that is fully approved for treatment, and  a monoclonal antibody that has been given approval for emergency use  to combat COVID-19 that is making a difference in saving lives.

Yes, as of 1/20/2021, a new white house administration will give the country a different take on our national and international situation and move us forward with all the knowledge, skill and political wherewithal they can garner to stem the virus and support our economy. 

Yes, while some states are still struggling mightily to contain the virus, others are beginning to see openings and experience more breathing room for safer movement. 


How can we envision ourselves well in this middle space? If there was ever a word to help us envision ourselves well in 2021, it is…. OPTIMISM.


Optimism is the quality of being full of hope and emphasizing the good parts of a situation.  It’s also a quality that helps one see that in the future, more good will happen than not.   In fact, having optimism allows one to more completely see a situation through gratitude and mindfulness, and therefore, more opportunities are realized. More of us having optimistic mindsets will help us create a better 2021 for each other.


OPTIMISM is exactly what we need for 2021.


Yes, it’s the OPTIMISM about the future that engenders Longevity, Greater resistance to illnesses, Lowers cholesterol, Lower risk for heart failure, Better coping skills, and Slower aging.


Yes, it’s the OPTIMISM that helps us gain more control by believing we can change our situation, even with small steps.


Yes, it’s the OPTIMISM that helps us work smarter, not harder.


Yes, it’s the OPTIMISM that helps us encourage others to be their best selves.


Yes, it’s the OPTIMISM that helps improve our immunity, become more resilient and deal better with stress.


Yes, it’s the OPTIMISM that will help us help each other in the ways that are needed.


We’d love to hear how you can bring your Yes to OPTIMISM to  2021!                                              

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