Stress in Today's World


Posted By: John Slusser

Stress in Today's World

In today’s society, stress is often written off as something insignificant and is largely seen as an inescapable aspect of particular American economic and social environments.  The reality is that stress is incredibly far reaching, capable of producing long term mental and physical health issues as well as making the present almost unbearable.  Stress Awareness Day was created in 1998 to combat the negative or passive stigma surrounding stress and its effects by promoting dialogues and circulating the most recent information regarding these subjects.  In 2018, the day was then extended to a full week, given the complexity and commonality of stress in our modern society.   This year, the campaign is more focused on the stresses caused as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.  Additionally, the campaign is focusing on  addressing the stigma around stress and how stress management can be incorporated into the work place, as well as showing appreciation to mental health professionals who help others to deal with their stress.

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