The Question of Human Rights in the Time of COVID-19


Posted By: Ruqyah Sweidan

The Question of Human Rights in the Time of COVID-19

These last seven months have been a hardship for the entire world. The many hours spent supplying people with relief money, supporting inclusive medical care, and urging companies to supply personal protection equipment for essential workers have been both given priority and provoking questions of necessity, depending on which government you’d ask. The near two hundred countries who are suffering from a significant number of cases fall within a broad range of what needs, and demands are fulfilled for their people. There is no question that not all governing entities agree on what their people need or should have at this time. However, we have also seen a difference of opinion on part of the people, especially in America. From town halls to the streets, there is passionate voicing of opinions through protests on the streets and physical fights in grocery stores and restaurants over the validity of the government’s power to mandate mask wearing, social distancing, opening the schools, closing businesses and banning travel.

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