Shaping Peace Together


Posted By: John Slusser

Shaping Peace Together

The United Nations instituted the International Day of Peace nearly forty years ago to contribute to the promotion of peace and unity across the globe.  Then, in 2001 the General Assembly of the United Nations designated 9/21/2001 day as a 24-hour period of non-violence, advocating for cease-fires in all global conflicts.  While many of us are not in the position to ask warring parties to consent to a cease-fire, there is still a lot we can do to foster peace in our lives and communities.  This year, the theme of “Shaping Peace Together” came about as a result of the combination of the pisive political climate and a global pandemic of unseen magnitude; both of which have many people feeling isolated and powerless.  Consequently, the goal is said to encourage people across the country and planet to set aside their differences and unite to battle a collective enemy – Covid-19.   

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